Friday, 18 September 2015

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Scottish edition

It's been a year since Scotland voted against independence from the United Kingdom, and I thought what better way to celebrate our continued connection than by doing a playlist of brilliant Scottish artists?

10) Amy MacDonald
'This Is The Life' is one of the most beautiful songs ever. I really do need to listen to more of Amy's music, because this is the only song she's made that I know. 

9) The Xcerts
One of the only bands with a name beginning with X (other than The XX!) The Xcerts really do stand out. 

8) Yashin
With a new album in the pipeline, I'm sure we'll be hearing much more from Yashin very soon.

7) Paolo Nutini
I challenge you to listen to this song and not have a smile on your face by the end of it. 

6) Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand were one of the first ever bands that I saw live, so they have a very special place in my heart. 

5) Snow Patrol
One of the best bands of all time, Snow Patrol are brilliant musically and lyrically. It definitely helps that their vocalist, Gary Lightbody, sang on 'The Last Time' with Taylor Swift, but Gary is actually Irish - that could be a playlist for the future!

4) Prides
Definitely the danciest band on this list!

3) The Fratellis
I love The Fratellis. Unbeatable. 

2) Biffy Clyro
Probably one of the most famous Scottish bands of all time, and definitely one of the most successful.

1) Twin Atlantic
The only reason Twin Atlantic take my top spot is because of how beautiful Sam McTrusty's accent is in his vocal. Often, you can't tell where a band come from based off of their singer's voice - that's not the case here.

I hope you enjoyed my Friday playlist! Do you know any Scottish band that I missed? 

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