Sunday, 3 January 2016

#ReadGoldenSon Sunday

After finishing 'Red Rising' again last week, I couldn't resist jumping on board the #ReadGoldenSon train. I'd decided to wait until closer to 'Morning Star', the third book in the trilogy, being released - with that being a little over a month away, it was the perfect time to finally read the second book in the series. 

This post will contain spoilers for 'Red Rising', and for 'Golden Son' Part I: Bow. If you haven't read that far into the series, run away now and start reading it for gorydamned sake! 

I'm really enjoying the novel so far. I'd been very worried about it, because the first novel in the series is one of the best books I've read of all time, ever. 
Seriously, ever
And while I had my hopes set high, I didn't think that Pierce Brown would be able to surpass them. 
Surprise, surprise - he did... Or at least he has so far. 
Here are the five reasons that 'Golden Son' is a successful sequel, purely based off of the first hundred pages of the book. It might be that the rest of it disappoints me - I won't know until three weeks in the future, when I finally finish it! - but until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Without further ado...

5) Exploring the solar system
At this moment in time, our hero is on Luna - our Earth's moon. Everything is different on Luna: the ecosystem, the gravity, the view of the Earth so close in the sky. I adore the attention to detail that Pierce Brown puts into all of his scenery, because it really brings it to life, I'm just hoping we get to explore more of the Solar System at some point soon.  

4) The Jackal's back
Oh yes, the Jackal is back and crazier than ever! At this moment in time, him and Darrow are actually working together to attempt to bring about the downfall of Pliny - the ArchGovernor's Politico - and them being a team is utterly mind-blowing. They still hate each other, of course, but I'm thinking this partnership could take them both to very high places. 

3) The dialogue is superb
"At least you still like to talk," I mutter.
"And you still like to make enemies."
"Everyone has a hobby."
With this second novel, the banter has gone through the roof. Everyone is sassing everyone, and no one is safe from Darrow's sharp wit and even sharper tongue. I've laughed out loud multiple times already, which is surprised to say in a book filled with so much death and devastation: Pierce Brown has a real talent for writing authentic exchanges between his characters.

2) We finally learn Eo's secret
Before Eo's death, she shares a secret with her sister, Dio. That secret is...
OKAY, OKAY! I CAN'T. I know I said this was going to feature spoilers, but I just can't write it out right here like that! I saw it coming from a mile away, the first time I read the book through (I stopped, tilted my head to the side and thought: "Hmmm...") but I just wasn't expecting it to be revealed just yet. I think it was the early reveal, rather than the information itself, that shocked me, because I found myself curling up into a little ball and screaming "WHAAAAAT!" in the very early hours of the morning.  
If you didn't guess what it is when you read Eo's death scene, then READ FASTER, DON'T RISK SPOILERS.   

1) Sevro is a Holonet star
"You've been my most loyal friend. Well, you and Sevro, but he won't stop sending me strange pictures over the net."
"More unicorns?"
I laugh. "I think he has a problem." 
It's official: Sevro is a total scene kid. He probably posts status updates like 'Rawr means I love you in dinosaur'. And that means he's gone from being one of my favourite characters to being my favourite character. He hasn't even appeared in the bloodydamn book yet, but all of the mentions of him are superb.

Those are my top five moments from 'Golden Son' so far. If you're participating in the readalong, post your favourite moments and quotes from the first part down below! But no spoilers for later on in the book: if you do that I will hunt you down and rip your gory heart out.

If you participated in #ReadRedRising, it's not too late to join #ReadGoldenSon! To make things even better, it's only 99p on Kindle at the moment, so don't hesitate - it's definitely worth reading.

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