Wednesday, 20 January 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five buzz words

(Top Five Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey. Find out more at the Goodreads group!)

Normally, the things that make me decide  to pick up a book and read it are either the cover or the blurb. I might already like the author, or have heard amazing things about the novel in question.
But there are times when I'm still quite undecided, then a word on the front cover will smack me in the face and make me NEED. NEED BOOK WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE.
These are five of those words that cause me to have a serious case of the frantic grabby hands.

5) 'Dark'
What does dark mean?! Morbid and depressing, evil and terrifying, or seductively sexy? I've seen 'dark' on crime novels, high fantasy novels, vampire romance novels... It can mean anything, but it's normally something I enjoy. 

4) 'Laugh-out-loud'/'Hilarious'
I enjoy a funny read. Sometimes the books that are supposed to be funny really, really aren't - it doesn't stop me trying, though!

3) 'The book that inspired the hit movie...'
Okay, this is a phrase, so a little bit cheating!
If a book has been made into a movie, it means that it's already experienced a level of success tat the majority of books just can't reach. Yes, sometimes the movies are awful ('Beautiful Creatures', you haunt me) but I normally enjoy at least some aspect of either the original or the adaptation. 

2) 'Zombie'
This buzz word is so buzzy, even zombies are trying to get their hands on the books.
I just can't resist zombie novels. I finished 'Autumn' by David Moody a couple of days ago, and the only reason I picked it up was because it said 'The hit zombie novel' in big letters on the front cover - without that the blurb was a little ambiguous, so I wasn't sure whether I wanted to try it out. 

1) 'Heartbreaking'/'Heart-wrenching'
I am a glutton for punishment, so if I think that a book is going to tear my heart out and stomp all over it... That likely means that I'm going to read it and love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! Which buzz words make you instantly have to read a book?


  1. I am the opposite with Zombie, if it has that word i am probably running the other way. Love the gif for Dark. Great post.