Wednesday, 27 January 2016

TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY: Top five disappointing eye candy

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We've all been there: judge a book by its cover and end up severely disappointed.
I'm there more often than I'd care to admit, because - I'm not going to lie - I read most of the books I read because of their covers, not in spite of them!
So these are the five books that have disappointed me most, and have the most beautiful covers in the history of ever.

5) The Beautiful Dead series by Eden Maguire
Okay, this might be cheating because there are four books (and I also really don't like the cover of the fourth book, 'Phoenix') but this entire series has beautiful covers but is a massive pile of suck. I don't know why I read all four, because once you've read the first one it's just a regurgitated plot: there's a ghost whose death needs to be avenged so they can pass on to the other side. Nothing revolutionary here. 

4) 'Marly's Ghost' by David Levithan
A word-for-word retelling of 'A Christmas Carol', but with all of the Christmas references changed to Valentine's references, and Tiny Tim becoming a gay couple. There isn't much creativity in a word-for-word retelling of a book, but the cover is so stunningly beautiful. 

3) 'Only We Know' by Simon Packham
This would probably come in my top ten covers of all time - it's so gorgeous, and the butterfly and the caterpillar signify the change in the characters and the metamorphosis they go through, so it's very metaphorical (plus a very pretty shade of green) - but it's also one of the most disappointing (and aggravating) books I've ever read.

2) 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green
It's so pretty, but it's so BAD. 

1) 'Severed Heads, Broken Hearts'/'The Beginning of Everything' by Robyn Schneider
For a book to have a spectacularly gorgeous cover both in the UK and the US, you think it's going to be revolutionary. Alas, I despised this novel. I really wish I'd been blogging back when I read it, because I remember having so many reasons that I hated it - I've actually bought it and am going to reread, just to see if it's as annoying the second time around. 

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday! What covers do you love that have super disappointing content?


  1. I agree with the Beautiful Dead. I enjoyed the first one but I don't really want to read the rest of the series so I unhauled them recently.
    If you are interested my T5W is here:

    1. See I've purchased them so I can reread them, because I read them before I wrote reviews so I can't remember exactly how much they annoyed me - I'm a glutton for punishment!