Friday, 1 January 2016

FRIDAY PLAYLIST: Can't wait for albums of 2016

Another year has passed, meaning that we're finally in 2016, which is going to be a huge year for music. 
These are just ten of the albums that I'm most excited about this year (and that's out of the ones that have been announced, who knows what surprise releases might get sprung on us?). 

This one isn't concerned, but I have a pretty good feeling that we will have a new PVRIS album before 2016 is over. Vocalist Lynn Gunn has been talking about the writing process of the new songs frequently over the past few months, so that's a very good sign. 
To tide you over, here's 'Eyelids'.

9) The Summer Set
'Legendary' was the album that really made me fall in love with The Summer Set, so I've been waiting for their fourth album with bated breath. The album is finished, I'm just waiting on a release date (and a UK tour please!). 
My favourite song from The Summer Set is definitely 'Boomerang', so let's take a moment to have a little boogie.

8) Deaf Havana
Deaf Havana's fourth album is well underway and after hearing 'Trigger' live back in July I was already excited about it - the release of 'Cassiopeia' a couple of months ago definitely heightened my anticipation of this album.

7) Of Mice and Men
Despite all of screamer Austin Carlile's health problems over the last couple of months, Of Mice and Men have still had the time to put an album together, which will definitely be out at some point over the next twelve months.
There's no more information about this album, so enjoy 'Broken Generation' from the re-release of their previous album, 'Restoring Force: Full Circle'. 

6) Decade

Decade are wonderful. Their debut album, 'Good Luck', was a little bit safe, but with two years of touring experience under their belts and the fact that they're working with the legendary producer Romesh Dodangonda (of Kids In Glass Houses/The Blackout fame) their second album should be something very special.
Hopefully, their second album will include more songs like the wonderful 'British Weather'. 

5) 'Coasts' by Coasts
After seeing Coasts supporting Don Broco, I couldn't resist pre-ordering their beautiful self-titled album. I've been listening to them a bit more frequently since I saw them, but I'm looking forward to hearing a full album of material.
'Coasts' is released January 22nd.

4) 'Taking One For The Team' by Simple Plan
Taking the award for best album artwork in 2016 (so far), Simple Plan's fifth album is already looking like it's going to be their best. With a tracklist of fourteen songs, there's likely to be something on this album for everyone. 
'Taking One For The Team' comes out February 19th. 

3) 'Limitless' by Tonight Alive
I've slowly but surely been becoming a bigger fan of Tonight Alive, so the release of their third album is likely to be make or break for me.

'Limitless' is released on March 4th. 

2) 'I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it' by The 1975
I wasn't a huge fan of The 1975's first album, but with the direction that their music is heading in I know that I'm going to fall in love with album number two.

'I like it when you sleep...' finally comes out on February 26th. 

1) 'Death of a Bachelor' by Panic! At The Disco
The first official release from Panic! At The Disco as a solo outfit, it'll be interesting to hear how that's impacted on the sound. With six songs already released, there's only going to be five new songs when the album actually comes out - it's still worth waiting for them, though. 
'Death of a Bachelor' drops on January 15th. I'm seeing the band on January 12th, so keep an eye out for the review of that show too!

Happy New Year!

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