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GUEST POST: 5 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen

Recently I was contacted by Caroline from Culture Coverage, who offered to write a guest post for you guys. She had some really awesome ideas, so of course I agreed - especially when she suggested writing a post about the amazing book to movie adaptations you need to check out this year.
I'll pass you over to Caroline...

Movies have long been getting their plot inspiration from books, and blockbusters like “Lord of the Rings,” Harry Potter, and even “Twilight” have proven this practice to be incredibly popular and lucrative. 
So for the next round of books that are getting their own movies, check out the titles that deserve to be read before they’re viewed—my bet is you’ll love the text as much (if not more) than the film. 

1. “Doctor Strange” 
While some may not consider comic books to be actual books, I’m not in that category and can’t wait for Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as Dr. Stephen Strange. Also starring Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Benedict Wong and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One,“Doctor Strange” dives into the world of make-believe and fantastical magic right off the tails of Marvel’s other comic book blockbusters “Thor” and “The Avengers.” With the grounding reality we’ve come to expect from our superheroes since Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “Doctor Strange” follows an egotistical neurosurgeon who loses the ability to perform medical miracles and heads out into the world looking for answers and discovers so much more. For lovers of Cumberbatch’s turn as Sherlock, this new tale—out November 4—provides the kind of killer plot adventure that’s just what the doctor ordered. 

2. “A Monster Calls” 
Patrick Ness’s best-selling novel about a boy grappling with his mother’s cancer diagnosis isn’t one for the faint of heart but certainly is for the reader with an active imagination and a penchant for the unreal. When Conor O’Malley continues to have the same nightmare over and over again where a monster visits him after midnight every night to tell him stories, he is bewildered, and it has a profound effect on his life. Siobhan Dowd originally conceived the story while grappling with her own terminal illness but died before completion; Ness was hired to bring the story to fruition. Starring Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver, and Toby Kebbell, the movie is out on October 14, giving fans of plenty of time to get to reading the original text first. 

3. “The Girl on the Train” 
This thriller starring Emily Blunt is getting a New York makeover from its original London-based plot, but word has it that everything else about commuter Rachel Watson and her daily train rides will remain the same. On her everyday journey, Rachel casually observes a couple through a train window, but she is suddenly entangled in their relationship when the wife goes missing. With a release date of October 7, there’s plenty of time to zip through the page-turning action of this novel by Paula Hawkins. 

4. “Inferno” 
America’s favorite professor is back at it again in the fourth installment of Dan Brown’s whirlwind series starring Robert Langdon, and this time it’s not about saving an institution or traditional train of thought but the existence of the entire world. When Robert wakes up in the hospital with a case of amnesia after an assassination attempt, he discovers that it’s up to him and Dr. Sienna Brooks to uncover Langdon’s missing memories and save the world from an evil extinction plot. Following up after “Angels & Demons,” “The Da Vinci Code,” and “The Lost Symbol,” “Inferno” debuted as the number-one-selling book in the U.S. after its release for its jam-packed scavenger hunt tricks that adults who love Indiana Jones or “National Treasure” can really appreciate.Want to get caught up with the original Brown screen adaptation before it hits theaters on October 28? “The Da Vinci Code” is currently streaming on American Netflix for viewers to uncover the mystery of the Holy Grail. Looking to view from overseas? Check out how to unblock Netflix to enjoy the same great titles. 

5. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by J.K. Rowling 
Perhaps the most anticipated movie since “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” was released into theaters, J.K. Rowling’s latest chance at the big screen comes from one of her texts in the Harry Potter universe: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Created as a reading supplement to the Harry Potter series in its original form, “Fantastic Beasts” is based on Harry Potter’s textbook required for his schooling at Hogwarts and includes detailed information about magical creatures from the universe. Inspiring a screenplay and a new trilogy starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt, the movie may take many liberties from the original text, but as it’s the brainchild of reader favorite J.K. Rowling, both book and movie are bound to be safe and imaginative in her capable hands. Watch the trailer for the upcoming film here, then rush off to get your copy of the original book from Barnes & Noble before November 18! 
From childhood favorites to thrillers, this year’s crop of book-to-movie transitions is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat—and, beforehand, completely unable to put down the text without reading one more page. 
About Me: Caroline is an avid book and movie lover, always asking whether the book or the movie is better. Excited about seeing these latest novels hit the big screen, she’s ready with popcorn and her trusted Snuggie to enjoy from home. For suggestions on great reads or great movies she should check out next, leave a comment below!
Thank you Caroline! I'm definitely planning on reading 'A Monster Calls' before the film releases later in the year, and I still need to pick up 'The Girl on the Train'...
Are there any popular book to movie adaptations you're guilty of not reading yet?

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