Thursday, 28 May 2015

Endless Possibilities Read-a-thon TBR!

endless jpg

I'm taking part in the Good Tales Book Tours Endless Possibilities Read-A-Thon next week, so I thought I'd compile my TBR list ready, and let you guys know what I'll be challenging myself to read! I'm going to try and link them all to Endless Possibilities (even if the links will be a little bit stretched!)
  1. 'The Lover's Dictionary' by David Levithan: what has more possibilities than a dictionary? All the different words that can be combined together, in any shape or pattern. Just choosing amorous, romantic words minimises the possibilities a little bit, but they're still pretty big, and I can't wait to see what happens in this novel. 
  2. 'Panic' by Lauren Oliver: there are so many endless possibilities of things in the world that you can panic about!
  3. 'Adverbs' by Daniel Handler: he can only use a selection of adverbs, but the possibilities of which adverbs used are endless!
I'm only going to try to read the three novels, because I'm also gonna try and read a couple of non-fiction books for my investigation into self-help as a genre. Wish me luck! 


  1. Lauren Oliver's Delirium series was one of my favorite YA Dystopian reads but I haven't had the chance to pick up her most recent works yet.

    Best of luck with the readathon and happy reading!

    1. I haven't managed to get around to reading Delirium yet - I've heard some really bad reviews of it, so I got a little bit nervous! Definitely going to try it soon though. Thank you for the luck! :)