Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Alyce's Lazy March Book Haul!

Basically, I bought well over one hundred books this month (YES OKAY I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM), so instead of posting information about all of the books that I bought, I'm just going to put some pictures of them in different categories. If you're interested in any of the books and want any more information, you can always tweet me or comment below - I just can't talk about all of them individually!

Books in series!: 

(Plus 'Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters' by Rick Riordan, which my mummy is reading at the moment)

Standalone YA:

Crime books: 

Autobuy authors:

Books I've been recommended: 

Vintage books:


And that's it! I know, that was so many, it's getting ridiculous... I'm trying to stop but it's just so hard. Altogether, there were 128 books in this haul... Crikey. I promise there will NOT be this many next month!

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