Monday, 21 July 2014

Everything Alyce

Hello there! I'm Alyce and this is my blog.

Firstly, a bit of background. In January, I decided to create a music review and news website ( if you have any interest in my previous pieces of journalism), which I unfortunately neglected due to the following influx of coursework demands from school that caused me to become entirely swamped. After finishing exams, I recently created a Youtube account (again, viewable at if you have an interest) to broadcast my reviews to the public, but sadly vlogging is just not fulfilling the itch that I was attempting to scratch. Hopefully, this time will be different.

I think there's something much more magical in the crafting and organising of the written word than there is in the editing of a simple video. This is not me discrediting the editing industry in any genre or any facet. I believe editing, directing, filming... They are all talents and need a passion which I don't seem to possess. Even by my third video I was struggling to get through the editing process without tearing my hair out from the roots, possibly because of the three videos in three days that I created in my excited state, possibly because I don't think I'm cut out to be a vlogger due to my inability to coherently function in front of a camera lens, or possibly because I just didn't have the passion for it.

However, I've always had a passion in the written word. I've just finished an A-level study of English Language and Literature and, after my gap year, I'm seriously considering going to study English and American Literature at any of the fine establishments around England that offer the varied and intriguing course. I read regularly (not as regularly as I used to, which greatly disappoints me, but enough to keep my Goodreads account pretty active!) and I've always had dreams of being an author or a journalist, so this blog is only going to help me further hone the slightly out-of-use skill that I believe I possess.

This blog is going to feature reviews of films, live concerts, CDs, books, TV shows and just general opinion pieces, by me, about the state of the current world. With so many conflicts erupting (look at any news website, I can bet you'll find ten stories at least based on the Ukraine/Russia or Israel/Gaza hostilities) and so many other issues that are being so widely debated (feminism, equal rights and immigration being just three that I can pluck out of the jumble of my mind at random) there is so much to have an opinion on and I definitely do have big thoughts about these issues. I think it's impossible not to be impassioned when you read twitter accounts of Palestinians trapped in Gaza, watching their entire neighbourhoods be ripped apart by incoming missiles and having to live with the majority of the media sympathising with the Israelian casualties, who are the minority dead in the situation.

This blog could get controversial. If it does, I apologise for that. Similarly, this blog could get contradictory. As the media is so one-sided, so completely constructed, it's impossible to know all sides of a story, no matter how much research is put into the topic. Everyone is out for themselves and everyone has their best interests at heart. I will attempt to give an unbiased outlining of the topic that I am covering, but these will be opinion pieces, so it's likely that you will not agree with all of my comments.

However, this isn't a bad thing. If everyone agreed, the world would be a boring place and we would most likely have been replaced with a robotic superhuman species.

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